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What I do

Vision is the art of Seeing what is invisible to others


A good rendering reduces mistakes in design

What I do

RM Design Studio

I am a civil engineer and I work in design, offering high quality services and hand keys solutions for whatever kind of project. My first passion is CG graphics and 3D, and I use them to present my ideas to the customers. Design rules, Rendering helps.

I like

My passion is to realize what I draw, putting all of me in every work I do. I work with several companies as Technical Consultant for engineering, industrial design, executive planning for architectural and industrial production.

  • Interior Design 80%
  • Industrial Design 100%
  • Architectural Planning 70%
  • 3D Modeling 70%
  • Rendering 90%
  • CG Video Productions 80%

Who I am

I was born in Genova and I moved to Trieste where I got the High School Classical Degree and I became a civil engineer. After the University I got a PHD at Roma University. After the experience of the military service I started the profession as freelance engineer teaching Technical Drawing and CAD at Trieste University. My passion for computer design brought me to open my first company and since then I decided to work always as independent to let my creativity free... ...And I started drawing houses as well as exhibition booths, boats, motorbikes, glasses, chairs, tables....

  • Roberto Maffioli

    Civil Engineer Building

    University degree in Civil Engineering, PHD degree in "Disegno e Rilievo del Patrimonio Edilizio", Autodesk certified instructor Autocad and 3dsMax.

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.

- Isaac Asimov -


I follow every project from concept to the final realization, making detailed drawings, renderings or whatever necessary. Here are some samples.

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via Zanetti1, Trieste, Italy


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